Friday, August 1, 2014

Style Crush: Elena Perminova

In metallic mini dresses and thigh high boots Elena Perminova reminds me of a fashion superhero. With her leggy proportions and flair for the cartoonish she really would suit her own dress-up action figurine--and I mean that as a compliment. I find her over-the-top style, that embraces fashion with both arms, incredibly inspiring. She's one of the "Russian Fash Pack" who have become street style photographer favorites (see last photo with Ulyana Sergeenko, Miroslava Duma, and Vika Gazinskaya). The socialite has an interesting history, but I'm mostly drawn to her dynamic style.

Pre-Fall With Forever 21

all clothes from Forever 21: polka dot top, black skinny jeans, rust skirt, giraffe earrings and mustard cross-body

Forever 21 recently invited me to style some Pre-Fall looks and I was happy for the excuse to pop into the nearest shop to pick out a few pieces. I always found great separates there when I was in college and I'm still impressed by the versatile pieces and broad selection they offer. I was only supposed to style one outfit here, but I couldn't resist the idea of showing two different ways this great tank top works. Earlier this summer on the hunt for the perfect black jeans I found these skinnies at Forever 21 (see my earlier attempts at rollerskating) but it's the first time I dressed up them up a bit. The first outfit is breezy and comfortable, perfect for transitioning weather days. The second outfit is much more my usual style and the color of the skirt is so perfect for fall. You can see it with grey tights and cozy boots on autumn days, but right now it works with bare legs, a silky blouse and sandals--ideally I think I'd wear this with ballet flats and a high bun but alas my hair is currently too short and my ballet flats are temporarily missing. Anyway, here you go--three pieces and two distinct outfits perfect to get you in the mood for spiced lattes and longer nights.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blossom Type

Artist Alice Mourou and a team of other artists worked painstakingly to create this floral typography by hand using real flowers. The result is a stunning series of letters and images that look almost wearable (yes that "o" would make for a perfect flower crown...). With such an eye for detail and color it's hard to believe the flowers and shapes are real. You can scroll through the entire alphabet here to find your initials.  

Lost in Loughgall

It was suggested that I title this post "lost in Loughgall" since it has a nice ring to it and although I was technically not lost while shooting these pictures, lost is how I'd describe myself most of the time in Northern Ireland. Others are driving me around so I have only a foggy idea our location and the names spoken in foreign accents tend to go in one year and out the other since inevitably when I visualize the spelling of a town it's so incorrect I can't point it out on a map. On top of that our days are packed; while a languid view of my journeys might be shared here on the blog most of the time we're usually out in the morning and don't return until the evening as we hop from one thing to another and I tend to forget where I was anyway. Oh well, I'll figure out where I am eventually..

Outfit details:
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)
*pictures by Thomas

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Smile Brilliant Review

I'm pretty happy with my smile--my teeth aren't Hollywood perfect but they're decent enough to show and I only have my own Coca-Cola addiction to blame for the staining. Still when Smile Brilliant approached me with the offer of a free teeth whitening kit in exchange for a review, I was quite happy to say "yes."
The process: You start by making custom teeth molds with Smile Brilliant. Once those have arrived you can get to whitening. First you brush and floss your teeth, then put a de-sensitizing gel in your molds and insert them in your mouth. I left mine in for 30 minutes. Following that you clean your molds and teeth again then put your whitening gel in your molds. Insert the teeth molds and leave in for awhile. I left mine in for 45 minutes.
My review: The results aren't very dramatic. I think I see a difference, but Thomas can't see one at all. It is however only one treatment and there are more in the program to go through (I just wanted to photograph it in identical light to get the clearest comparison). On the plus side I don't really have any sensitivity and the program is very easy to follow.

Parkanaur Revisited

On my last visit to Parkanaur we were driven away prematurely by rain and barely got a chance to explore the grounds or their white deer. This time the weather was much better and we enjoyed a walk through the woods and deer park--next time I'm hoping to see inside the Tudor Revival house. The big stone lions might be my favorite feature; they have so much personality and the white nicely echoes the lichen growing on the house's old stone walls. My bright pink dress with it's retro-y print that reminds me of the sixties was probably not the best match for the location, but I like the contrast and how the colors pop here. These pictures are a good reminder to wear lipstick more often as well because I love the way it looks with the blonde hair. When I first dyed it I kept doing a double-take when I walked by a mirror or woke up in the morning. Big style changes often lead to a period of discomfort since we're so used to looking a certain way. But now I'm liking the look more and more and might keep my hair blonde longer than I had originally planned.

Outfit details:
Modcloth dress (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas

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