Friday, January 30, 2015

Style Crush: Recap

I'm revamping my "style crush" posts from long-format posts trying to cover as much of a person's style as possible to shorter posts featuring one or two looks from a blogger or photographer I admire. Anyway, the "style crush" posts will continue to inspire Friday evenings and today I'm recapping a few of my favorite style crush posts from the past year or so. Click on the name to be directed to the original post filled with loads of visual inspiration from each lady.

Outfit: Adventure-wear

A simple outfit ready for adventure--my backpacks always make an outfit seem instantly more adventure-y. Clutches are so impractical that they'd never end up on a true adventure. In heels and a clutch you go to your chosen destination and have a lovely time, but there's no room for spontaneity--there's no following a stranger on some mysterious quest. But when I wear a backpack I feel like there's no stopping me; I could go anywhere. Of course it'd be quite weird to follow a stranger and I haven't been on a mysterious quest in weeks, but the principle remains...

Outfit details:
vintage hat
ASOS sweater (old)
thrifted skirt (similar)
grey socks
old wellies 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Want: Stay Home Club

I won't wear a lot of tees or sweatshirts, but I'd be happy to make an exception for the Stay Home Club. Simple, funny, potentially effective at getting people to leave you alone. The Recluse tee feels especially fitting to me...

Outfit: Oh For A Draught Of Vintage

My love of vintage shopping started young. Back in junior high I told my dad I "needed" a new pair of jeans and he took me to the nearest thrift shop. It wasn't long before I realized that secondhand jeans and tees weren't quite as cool as vintage dresses from the 50s and 60s. On a budget in college my vintage shopping became even more pronounced as I discovered the wonder of eBay auctions for 99 cents and the plethora of amazing thrift shops near my college campus. Lately quality vintage seems harder to find and higher priced, but I still love those nearly one-of-a-kind finds. I'm being more picky with my vintage purchases, but I haven't abandoned the hunt completely...

Outfit details:
vintage hat
old coat
yellow cardigan
vintage dress
vintage boots
old purse

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Photography: Jimmy Marble

A beautiful series aptly titled "Drama" by Jimmy Marble. In love with the anonymity of the model--as well as the bright colors and bare legs on this cold, grey January day.

Outfit: Laced

So my Halloween costume for the forseeable future will probably be a Girl Scout. I did get that sweet vintage Girl Scout dress in the fall (which I am still planning on wearing less costume-y sometime) and now I've added to the uniform with this vintage Girl Scout camera. I'm still missing an official sash, bow, and hat but I can continue to cheat with other alternatives in my wardrobe. Today I'm just playing with the camera and longing for some GS cookies.

Outfit details:
old scarf
old jacket 
old tights

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stylish Spaces: My Favorite Interior Pins Right Now

If any themes emerge in all my home inspiration searches and collections they are: books and color. I love pictures of bookshelves and I adore homes with loads of color. Here's a few of my favorite pins from all over. Sources on my Pinterest.
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