Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cat Coquillette

a few beautiful and inspiring illustrations by Cat Coquillette

Sunday Remix

12 / 3/ 4

I've owned this dress (by TBA) for three years now and yet this year marks the first time I wore it in October. Funny how I never went for the obvious match of Halloween vibes and a pumpkin patch! It's quite lightweight so it's better suited for summer months, but the color definitely fits autumn. Orange is definitely the least popular color in my wardrobe, but if more orange pieces came pleated with gold peter pan collars I might invest in the color more!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unique Bridesmaids Gifts On A Budget

After browsing Etsy looking for bridesmaids gifts and realizing one of my bridesmaids was allergic to certain metals, I realized I needed to get creative with my bridesmaids gifts. I browsed the web some for gift guides in this area but mostly found things were rather cheesy (monogrammed everything) or overpriced. So I stopped looking at other people's suggestions and went back to my roots--things I like, things that I hope my bridesmaids will enjoy keeping (maybe using), and are reasonably priced since I need to get multiples. I don't need their gifts to scream "my wedding!" I'd rather give them things I hope will remind them of me, but they'll also genuinely enjoying having. So here's my bridesmaids gift ideas:
decorative matchboxes: get their favorite book or a constellation one for the Astronomy buff, and add a sparkler or two to the little package

flower crowns: I like flower crowns that look as natural as possible, by making them from dried flowers they're beautifully natural and longer lasting than fresh ones

quirky tote bags: they might be bridesmaids, but everyone likes beards

bobby pins: that tell them how you really feel

shiny nail wraps: for the wedding or whenever they want to look a little sparkly

Friday, November 21, 2014

Style Crush: Hanneli

Former model Hanneli currently focuses on styling and photography as a Vogue contributor, but it is her street-wear that has brought her the most fame. While many of Hanneli's more outlandish looks are aided by her model figure, you can't claim she isn't adventurous when it comes to fashion. It is her flair for the dramatic that makes her a street style photographer favorite--from straight off the runway outfits to her penchant for bicycling and skate boarding between shows she is a photographers dream making city streets look editorial worthy. While I love her ability to go from pretty and retro to avant-gurde at the drop of a hat, it is her layering skills and lust worthy coat collection I'm paying especially attention to lately. 

A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots

Leopard print has a bit of a reputation; in the same way plaid calls to mind Catholic school girl uniforms and lumberjack shirts. But instead of seeming schoolgirl, clannish, or woodsy leopard print reminds you of aging sex-pots ala Mrs. Robinson or Joan Collins. Not the worst thing in the world, but perhaps a bit tacky. Still I've always had a soft spot for the print--I especially like it in red, but in the usual brown and beige print I think it works nicely as a neutral. I also thought when I was initially eyeing this dress it could make for a good Pebbles Flintstone costume for Halloween! For this outfit I avoided the caveman and cougar looks opting instead for a classic trench and scarf. As is the case with many a dress, regardless of print, it's all about how you style it.

"Jay Gould's daughter said, before she died, 
There's two more trains I'd like to ride. 
Jay Gould said, "Daughter, what can they be ?" 
The Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe. 

Jay Gould's daughter said, before she died, 
There's two more drinks I'd like to try. 
Jay Gould said, "Daughter what can they be?"
'They's a glass o' water and a cup o' tea.'"

-Jay Gould's Daughter

Outfit details:
ASOS trench (old, similar)
Shop Ruche scarf (old)
vintage purse

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rosie Loves Hats

I recently stumbled across this editorial and while I like the whole outfits I'm really fixated on the hats. Seeing this definitely makes me feel like I don't own enough. How perfect are the simple shift dresses paired with comfortable flats and punctuated with quirky hats? I want every single look and I think what my closet is mostly lacking is the millinery! This editorial definitely spurred an Etsy search for cute fascinators.
Rosie Tupper By David Mandelberg For Marie Claire Australia November 2014

X Marks The Spot

These tights are so old that I can't remember where I got them or what year...and I'm usually good at dating my clothes. I think the trick with these tights is that I've had them forever and yet I've barely worn them. I usually pull them out when I'm looking for a pair of sheer tights, notice the "x's" on the knees and put them back. I just don't feel most of my outfits are improved by oddly shaped x's, but this one might be an exception. The text covered skirt seemed to call for some more fun and graphic accessories. Also the shoes seem like an exceptionally good fit with my favorite black heels.
P.S. I was wearing a coat initially but because my friend Kate helped me take pictures I ended up talking in all the shots with my coat on and made some rather ridiculous facial expressions...

Outfit details: 
Sheinside skirt (sold out)
old tights
*pictures by Kate

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