Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stylish Spaces: Rich Color by Dirk Jan Kinet

The more interiors I look at the more I realize how drawn I am to rich, saturated colors--which are unfortunately illsuited for a renter of a tiny home! Lighter colors will make rooms seem bigger and even if you have size to work with dark colors are a pain to paint over when it's time to move on. Oh well, the heart wants what the heart wants and my heart and eyes are drawn to deep colors like the sort that fill interor designer Dirk Jan Kinet's home in Mexico. His kitchen looks like a Delft plate come to life and the textured dark teal wall in his living room creates the perfect atmosphere for his collection of gilded figures and frames. via

Outfit: That's My Jam

When I was younger my family would often go strawberry picking in the summer. We'd bring home so many strawberries that sometimes it felt like berries became your main diet; strawberries for breakfast, strawberries with your lunch, strawberries with ice cream as your dessert after dinner. I'm not complaining, I still like to overindulge in fresh fruit in the summer. Even with the amount we were consuming we couldn't get through the strawberries a family of five could pick before some started to rot so my mother would take a large portion and make homemade jam. Later she'd add little cloth circles to the lids and tie with ribbons and they'd often be our back-to-school presents for teachers and bus drivers when summer was over. The point of this walk down memory lane is, Book of Deer's jam dress is a lovely, nostalgic piece for me. Our jars looked very similar to those in Eilidh's illustration print (although hers are technically raspberry jams!) and wearing this dress takes me to sticky, summer days with my family enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Beauty: Triple Braided Bun

So this was a surprisingly easy up-do that looks much more fancy than the effort required! As my hair gets longer I'm trying to teach myself more hairstyles--especially braided ones. A lot of braids seem to be beyond my motor skills at the moment, but I have taught myself a couple of new styles which will be fun to wear in warmer months and even at more formal occasions; I have more than one wedding to attend this summer.

What you need:
-3 to 6 hair elastics
-a handful of bobby pins

How to:
-divide your hair into three roughly even sections; you can even tie them into little ponytails to make everything very simple
-braid each section (loose braids will give the appearance of more volume)
-use bobby pins to pin your braids up in a loose bun tucking your ends underneath and playing with the shape as you go
-finish with a bow or a few small flowers--because it's spring!

Our Engagement Shoot With Epic Love Photography

Back in February Thomas and I headed to Belfast one day and spent a couple of hours wandering around the Cathedral Quarter with our wedding photographer Rob. We booked Rob of Epic Love Photography based on his candid style of wedding photography from his portfolio, but this was our first opportunity to meet the man behind the photographs. Thankfully despite it being a windy and brisk day (when we stopped for lunch it started snowing!), the photo session was incredibly fun. Rob had a way with taking all of the awkwardness out of the excessive public displays of affection. Many of the photographs he took for us were in color (you can see some in his blog post), but our favorites might be these timeless black and white ones.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Runway: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015

Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2015 collection was a glamorous tribute to mothers. And not-your-average moms walked down the runway too with their kids in tow and even one model strutted with a "bun in the oven." The rose motif was inspired by designer Stefano Gabbana's memory of his mother's rose scented lipstick and it was beautifully executed perhaps no more stunningly than as a simple, large blue on a blue fitted dress. Once again it's a collection swimming in gorgeous details from ornate flats to bejeweled headphones that mimic crowns. I'd love to see if I can DIY some of those details this spring, but I don't know if I can pull off the Italian grandeur... More here.

Outfit: Woodland

This dress was more midi-length when it arrived and I lopped a few inches off the hem to make it a mini. As attracted as I occasionally am to midi skirts and dresses I inevitably feel more comfortable in mini skirts, partly because I feel they give me the illusion of being taller than I am. The hem ended up coming in handy since I used it to make a couple of quick headbands which took me back to my college days--nights up late watching Brigitte Bardot movies then tearing up old dresses to make headbands and imitate her look. I need to find more movies that inspire me to take immediate style action. In college I spent a lot of time seeking out stylish films to help inform my style but lately I'm far less intentional about what I watch and mostly get sucked into Netflix binges...
P.S. I did not build the little fort in the woods.

Outfit details:
Choies dress (shortened by me)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lookbook: Fieldguided

I know everyone's so over winter right now, but I can't resist sharing these pastel-heavy pictures for Fieldguided's new tote bags featuring Alyssa. The snow and pretty soft colors actually makes for a sweet surreal setting. And while I already have a pink coat, this makes me want another--a pink trench for spring perhaps...?
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